Tuesday, October 26, 2010

to anna .

anna you marah i ke? i sayang you. i xpenah lupe you sayang. serius. you jgnla terasa ngn i. i mntx maaf if i da wt salah kt you. if i da terkasar bahas kt you.i really really sorry sayang. i mmg tahu i bkn perfect . i manusia jgk you. please maafkn i:(. i nk you! you'r my bff sayang! tolong laa jgn wt i mcm nie. i sayang you ouh ! i mntx maaf bnykbnyk yea. sorrry:(

note: to my dear fwen anna , i really really sorry . but serius i love you very much! i miss you hunny !<3 i loveyou till end !

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